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Online Safeguarding Alert July 2017

Dear parents,

We have been made aware of a snap chat feature which could pose safeguarding risks to children. Please be vigilant.


Monkey, this social networking app randomly connects users with people using Snapchat for a short live video chat, with the option of adding a person on  Snapchat to continue the connection. Before connecting, users can see the ‘alleged’ age and gender of the potential friend and can choose to accept the video chat or not. Be aware that there is no verification of age and the app relies on random introductions. Personal information is collected and can be shared. Dangers include inappropriate contact and contact shared live between users.


Snapmaps allows users to see the location of their contacts. This feature allows others to accurately pinpoint where you are. There are three possible privacy settings:

ghost mode, where only use can see your position;

my friends mode, where any contact can see your location; and

select friends mode, just those who you choose can see you.

Childnet have posted a thorough explanation of Snapmaps and how to ensure users stay safe. For further information about this app please read (http://www.childnet.com/blog/introducing-snap-maps-the-new-location-sharing-feature-in-snapchat)



Roblox also poses a significant issue with the chat facility in the game. It is advised to delete the app from your child’s devices and prevent them from accessing it online. Alternatively, please supervise the use of the game closely. Further information can be found on the following link:



Musical.ly is a social network for sharing user-generated music and videos. Many children enjoy the ‘lip-sync’ element of the app as well as browsing videos created by others. Videos are generally shared between groups of friends and can be saved as private, but the other content is freely available and is not ‘policed’.The app states that it is not to be used by children under the age of 13. The terms and conditions say that it is intended for users over the age of 18.In addition, musical.ly links directly to another app entitled live.ly which has no safety settings and permits anybody to enter into a conversation with your child. Through this, they are at serious risk of being exposed to extremely inappropriate content and conversations. There are current ongoing investigations with the police and CEOP into claims of grooming via this app. We consider this to be a valid threat to the young people using musical.ly and would urge parents to remove the app from their devices.

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