A very warm welcome to the new Year 2!


1P have become 2D and 1K have become 2P!


It has been a very strange past couple of months, full of new challenges and differences in our lives. We hope you had a well-rested break and are all ready for the start of what will be a very important year in Year 2. 


Our Autumn Topic Information  


In this term, we will be keeping an "Eye on London" as we look at everything our Capital City has to offer. We are looking forward to answering our overall killer question; Why has London changed over time?                      

Do you know anything about London already? Have you been to visit London or any of its attractions? 

London - Wikipedia

Are you ready for a leap into London life? Finding and locating, comparing and evaluating whilst observing and commenting, you will learn how to delve deeper into London life and find out why this city has changed into the city it is today! 

What is London like now and what will we see there? 

Prepare to locate and explore where London is on a map, what country it sits inside and which other countries and capital cities are nearby. Explore the monuments and attractions of London, and realise just why people love to visit this city, and why it is very important to some people too! 

Culture of London - Wikipedia

Has London always looked the same?

Research the English capital city further, looking specifically at the show it has changed over time. Has this wonderful city changed, or has it stayed the same? Why has it changed? Why might it have stayed the same? Using different sources of information, we will aim to answer these questions here! 

10 Facts About the History of London - HistoryExtra

Get ready to experience London, our magnificent capital city and find out exactly why it is such a special place to be!


Ready to research? Here are some useful links:       






Our Year 2 Timetable 

The timetable below shows when children will need to bring in specific items during the week. It is childrens' responsibility to ensure that they bring the correct equipment and kit on specific days. If any changes are made, parents will be notified via parent pay or via text message. We ask that children bring in their reading records and books daily, so that we are able to read with the children whenever possible. 



Wednesday Swimming 2D and 2P (full kit needed) (restart date TBC) Weekly homework handed in (maths and English)
Thursday  PE 2D and 2P (full kit needed), Spelling test


Weekly homework, reading book changed and spellings handed out

Remember, all reading books, reading records and spelling lists should be in school every day. 

Keep checking back daily to find new things on our page!